Thanks for stopping by folks. My name is Kylie, a 20 something Australian-born living in Dublin. I moved here in mid-2014 seeking adventure and to find my roots (all of which are deeply Irish!). I’ve always had an affinity with this vibrant country and wanted to find a space to record my thoughts and experiences.

I’m a self-acknowledged hoarder of books and shoes, inhaler of coffee, sometimes-baker, constant vegetarian, aspiring writer, graphic designer and would-be yoga master.

I’m a freelance editor and also worked in marketing with one of the big boys of publishing, (children’s publishing to be specific… despite being mildly terrified of children) and am now very focused on finishing the-damn-book and indulging all of my creative whims.

This little slice of the virtual universe will be home to insights about my experience in publishing, my thoughts on books and other such things, and most of all a place to record my epic love story with Ireland.


11 thoughts on “About

  1. I think I belong in Ireland, everything about that country is so inviting. I love your blog and LOVE “when life offers cake eat the whole damn thing” thats exactly how I feel!! Look forward to your posts.


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